CGEO manufactures a complete range of diamond drilling tools especially full range of wireline drilling tools ,such as Core Barrels, Head Assemblies, Overshots, Wireline Drill Rods, Wireline Casing, Diamond Bits, Reaming Shells, Casing Shoes, Core Barrel Components, Rod String Accessories, Other Tools, Recovery Tools for mineral exploration industry and other drilling areas.

Mainly offers:

● Core Barrels

BQ core barrel/NQ core barrel/HQ core barrel/PQ core barrel/BQU core barrel/NQU core barrel/HQU core barrel/NQ3 core barrel/HQ3 core barrel/PQ3 core barrel etc.

● Head Assemblies 

BQ head assembly/NQ head assembly/HQ head assembly/PQ head assembly/BQU head assembly/NQU head assembly/HQU head assembly etc.


BQ overshot/NQ overshot/HQ overshot/PQ overshot/BQU overshot/NQU overshot /HQU overshot

● Wireline Drill Rods

BQ drill rod/NQ drill rod/HQ drill rod/PQ drill rod/BRQ drill rod/NRQ drill rod/HRQ drill rod/PHD drill rod etc. 

● Wireline Casing

BW casing/NW casing/HW casing/PW casing/HWT casing/PWT casing etc.

● Diamond Bits

BQ diamond bit/NQ diamond bit/HQ diamond bit/PQ diamond bit/NQ3 diamond bit/HQ3 diamond bit/PQ3 diamond bit etc.

Reaming Shells

BQ reaming shell/NQ reaming shell/HQ reaming shell/PQ reaming shell etc.

Casing Shoes

BW casing shoe/NW casing shoe/HW casing shoe/PW casing/HWT casing shoe/PWT casing shoe etc.

●Core Barrel Components

3/16”,1/4”,3/8” wireline cable, wireline cable oval sleeve and crimping tool

BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 core lifter

BQ NQ HQ PQ inner tube

NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 split tube

BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 stop ring

BQ NQ HQ PQ NQ3 HQ3 PQ3 core lifter case

BQ NQ HQ PQ BRQ NRQ HRQ PHD locking coupling

BQ NQ HQ PQ PHD adapter coupling

BQ NQ HQ PQ landing ring

BQ NQ HQ PQ inner tube stabilizer

BQ NQ HQ PQ outer tube

● Rod String Accessories

Compact plus water swivel

Standard duty universal 25K water swivel

Heavy duty 40K water swivel

Underground compact water swivel

Standard duty hoist plug

Heavy duty hoist plug

Water swivel adapter subs

Hoisting plug adapter subs

Casing adapter subs

Recovery tool adapter subs

Blank end adapter subs

Drill rod adapter subs

● Other Tools

BW NW HW PW HWT PWT casing cutter

HW PW HWT PWT casing advancer

HW PW HWT PWT casing driving shoe

BQ NQ HQ PQ inner tube wrench

BQ NQ HQ PQ outer tube wrench


● Recovery Tools

BQ NQ HQ PQ BRQ NRQ HRQ PHD rod recovery tap

BW NW HW PW HWT PWT casing recovery tap

CGEO keeps innovating through the years, and our staff is committed to providing the newest and best diamond drilling tools to our customers around the world.

Trust CGEO boost your business!